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The Office of Surface Mining policy directives are written communication provided in the form of instructions, manuals, notices, guides, policies, and procedures. These policy documents assist employees in effectively performing their jobs.

Rescinded and Inactive directives are no longer in effect. These directives are archival documents for historical purposes and can be found on the OSMRE Intranet or obtained by contacting

To learn how to prepare, modify or remove a Directive, see Directive OPM-1. Templates are located on OSMRE's Intranet for employee use.

Contact us at, if you need additional information.

Our Directives are in the process of being converted to accessible documents to accommodate people with vision impairments who rely on various assistive technology to access the information on this website, such as screen readers, which translate what's on a screen into automated audible output. This gives the disabled community the ability to listen to the information by way of assistive technology. If you need a document that has not yet been converted to the accessible version, please contact us at the email above.

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Electronic Library of Interior Policies (elips)

Code of Federal Regulations

Office of Personnel Management Guidance

Administrative Services (ADS)
ADS-2 959 Safety and Occupational Health Program 06/04/09
ADS-6 876 Printing, Publications and Reprographic Management 05/11/00
ADS-7 960 Motor Vehicle Management Program 05/22/09
ADS-13 893 Management of Leased Space08/10/00
ADS-14 884 Aircraft Safety 08/08/00
ADS-16 740 Uniform Standards and Allowances 08/03/92
ADS-16-1 769 Change Notice - Deletion 02/25/93
ADS-16-2 866 Change Notice - Revisions 10/31/96
ADS-16-3 941 Change Notice 09/30/08
ADS-17 462 Loan of Government-Owned Personal Property 08/08/88
ADS-17-1 691 Change Notice - Clarification 10/24/91
ADS-17-2 742 Change Notice - Amendment 08/12/92
ADS-18 961 Personal Property Management Program 05/22/09
ADS-19 916 Environmental Management Systems 08/31/06
ADS-19-1 964 Change Notice - Environmental Management Systems 02/27/09
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Abandoned Mine Land (AML)
AML-1 974 Abandoned Mine Land Inventory System 12/12/12
AML-4 888 Procedures for Federal Reclamation Program Emergency and High Priority Projects 05/08/00
AML-22 973 Evaluation of State/Tribe Abandoned Mine Land Programs 03/28/13
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Budget: Fund Management (BFM)
BFM-1 963 Administrative Control of Funds 12/18/08
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Equal Employment Office (EEO)
EEO-1 972 EEO Complaints Settlement Authority 12/06/12
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Federal Financial Management (FFM)
FFM-1 901 Administrative Control of Funds; (Appendix 1); (Appendix 2) 11/02/01
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Financial Management (FIN)
FIN-1 374 Conference Officer Operations Manual 09/04/87
FIN-1-1 938 Change Notice - Civil Penalty Conference Officers Manual 12/09/08
FIN-7 690 Non-Federal Reimbursements to OSMRE 10/15/91
FIN-7-1 698 Change Notice - Revisions 11/21/91
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Grants Management Program (GMT)
GMT-1 617 Allocation and Suballotment of Small Operator Assistance Program Funds 06/08/90
GMT-1-1 749 Change Notice - Revisions 11/05/92
GMT-6 545 Eligibility of Operators and Authorized Services in the SOAP 06/07/89
GMT-6-1 818 Change Notice - Organizational Titles and Statutory Regulatory changes 06/24/94
GMT-10-16 969 Change Notice; Federal Assistance Manual 02/09/11
GMT-11 461 SOAP Annual Liability Reviews08/04/88
GMT-11-1 772 Change Notice - Revisions 03/12/93
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Inspection and Enforcement (INE)
INE-2 948 Change Notice - Rescission 10/08/08
INE-3 321 Furnishing Operator/Permittees with Copies of Inspection Reports and Ten-Day Notices 03/03/87
INE-4 601 Notice of Potential Liability for an Individual Civil Penalty03/01/90
INE-4-1 764 Change Notice - Revisions 02/05/93
INE-5 939 Mining Without a Permit and/or Mining Off a Valid Permit 09/17/08
INE-6 163 Informal Public Hearing Under 30 CFR 843.15 03/24/83
INE-8 173 Services of Notices of Violation and Cessation Orders 05/19/83
INE-13 166 Revision of Inspection and Enforcement Policy 04/11/83
INE-18 958 Authorized Representatives 12/09/08
INE-19 308 Vacation of Notices of Cessation Orders 01/07/87
INE-23 878 Completion and Processing of Mine Site Inspection Federal Program and Mine Site Evaluation State Program Report Forms 12/28/98
INE-24 336 Response to Citizen Complaints in Primacy States 05/26/87
INE-24-1 388 Change Notice - Revisions 10/28/87
INE-26 338 Approximate Original Contour 05/26/87
INE-29 733 Inspectable Unites Inventory 07/07/92
INE-30 599 Alternative Enforcement Referrals for Criminal Penalties and Civil Action for Injunctive Relief 03/01/90
INE-32 679 Oversight Procedures for States' Implementation of the Applicant/Violator System Memorandum of Understanding 07/01/91
INE-32 936 Change Notice - Rescission 08/08/08
INE-33 949 Change Notice - Rescission 10/07/08
INE-34 954 Improvidently Issued Permits 11/03/08
INE-35 968 Ten-Day Notices 01/31/11
INE-40 600 Individual Civil Penalty Assessment 03/01/90
INE-40-1 950 Change Notice - Rescission 10/07/08
INE-41 559 Civil Penalty Assessment for Unabated Imminent Harm Cessation Orders 07/18/89
INE-42 951 Change Notice - Rescission 10/08/08
INE-43 955 Inspection of Durable Rock Fills Under Construction 11/12/08
INE-44 957 Contemporaneous Evaluation of Reclamation Activities 11/21/08
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Information Services and Program Promotion (INF)
INF-1 942 OSMRE Records Management; Records Management Manual 10/08/08
INF-2 576 Administrative Records System 09/28/89
INF-3 796 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 09/20/93
INF-5 797 Subpoenas to Compel the Attendance of Witnesses, the Production of Written or Printed Materials, or Both 10/19/93
INF-11 663 Information Resources Management Policy and Procedures Manual 03/12/91
INF-13 762 Information Resources Management Review Council 01/19/93
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Information Technology (IT)
IT-1 889 Information Systems Security Program 03/20/00
IT-2 945 Hardware and Software Management; 12/09/08
IT-3 975 OSMRE Social Media Policy; Social Media Guidance 12/10/12
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Organization Planning and Management (OPM)
OPM-1 930 Establishment and Maintenance of the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Directives System 08/20/08
OPM-1-1 952 Establishment and Maintenance of the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Directives System 09/26/08
OPM-5 953 Delegations of Authority12/06/12
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Personnel (PER)
PER-6 622 Alternative Work Schedule 07/10/90
PER-16 894 Merit Promotion Policy and Implementation 08/31/00
PER-21 971 Change Notice - Discipline and Adverse Action 02/02/12
PER-22 965 Change Notice - Agency Administered Grievance Procedure 08/03/09
PER-23 976 OSMRE Telework Policy 12/08/11
PER-23 -1 977 Change Notice - OSMRE Telework Policy 05/16/12
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Procurement and Contracting (PRC)
PRC-6 793 Uniform Contract Review System (Except Federal Emergency Reclamation Projects) 08/02/93
PRC-7 465 Interagency Acquisitions (Agreements) 08/30/88
PRC-7-1 551 Change Notice - Clarification 07/06/89
PRC-9 970 Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) Training and Reference Manual Guide - Change Notice 02/17/11
PRC-10 692 Anti-Lobbying Statute - Restrictions on Lobbying and Semi-Annual Reporting Requirements 10/24/91
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Regulatory Program Development (REG)
REG-1 490 Handbook on Procedures for Implementing the NEPA; National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Handbook 11/29/88
REG-1-1 859 Change Notice - Revisions 07/23/96
REG-2 649 522(b) Federal Lands Review 12/07/90
REG-6 854 Information Collection Request - Rescission Notice 07/12/96
REG-7 719 Experimental Practices 04/24/92
REG-8 967 Oversight of State Regulatory Programs 01/31/11
REG-10 339 Bond Forfeiture 05/26/87
REG-10-1 804 Change Notice - Revisions 12/20/93
REG-14 362 Interpretation of Initial Program and Indian Lands Regulations Concerning Rills and Gullies 07/09/87
REG-15 696 Policy and Procedures for Maintaining Confidentiality of Permit Application Information 11/21/91
REG-18 979 Tribal Consultation and Protection of Tribal Trust Resources 06/26/13
REG-19 387 Incidental Boundary Revisions 10/19/87
REG-21 947 Change Notice - Rescission 10/08/08
REG-22 880 Developing and Processing State - Federal Cooperative Agreements for State Regulation on Federal Lands 05/04/99
REG-23 966 Corrective Actions for Regulatory Program Problems and Action Plans 01/31/11
REG-28 525 Bond Forms and Procedures 03/10/89
REG-31 881 Preparation of Mining Plan Decision Documents 06/04/99
REG-33 962 Federal Blaster Certification Program and Blasting Enforcement 12/09/08
REG-34 946 Change Notice - Rescission 10/08/08
REG-35 630 Permit Fees in Federal Program States and On Indian Lands 08/27/90
REG-35-1 798 Change Notice - Revisions 10/26/93
REG-36 852 Processing of Request to Evaluate a State Program Under 30 CFR 733.12(a) 04/30/96
REG-36 937 Change Notice - Rescission 08/08/08
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State and Tribal Programs (STP)
STP-1 944 Processing of Proposed State/Tribal Regulatory Programs and Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Plans; Amendments; and Part 732 and Part 884 Notifications 10/20/08
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Technical Guidance and Research (TGR)
TGR-1 315 OSMRE Blasting Guidance 01/28/87
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Technical Services and Research (TSR)
TSR-1 882 Handbook for Calculation of Reclamation bond Amounts 04/05/00
TSR-2 375 Quarterly Examination of Water Impoundments 09/14/87
TSR-3 393 Sediment Control Using Best Technology Currently Available 11/02/87
TSR-4 940 Technical Studies 09/25/08
TSR-5 399 Alternative Postmining Land Use Requirements for Real Property 11/10/87
TSR-6 400 Drainage Control on Valley and Durable Rock Fills 11/10/87
TSR-7 404 Protecting Historic Properties 12/18/87
TSR-8 434 Transportation and Handling of Abandoned Coal Mine Refuse Piles 03/31/88
TSR-9 441 Construction Certification of Siltation Structures 04/27/88
TSR-10 874 Use of Wetland Treatment Systems for Coal Mine Drainage 10/27/97
TSR-12 619 Post-Act Reclamation Program 06/19/90
TSR-14 828 Construction of Wetlands as a Postmining Land Use 01/31/95
TSR-15 857 Dam Safety Program 08/14/96
TSR-16 931 Reforestation of Title IV and Title V mined lands 06/10/08
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