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National Technical Training Program (NTTP)

The Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) established the National Technical Training Program (NTTP) in 1985, recognizing the need for an ongoing educational program to increase the technical competence and professionalism of Federal, State, and Tribal personnel located in Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) agencies. The program delivers training related to permit approval, bond release, reclamation, and enforcement through a collaborative effort by OSMRE, State and Tribal instructors. The training serves to build and update technical expertise and fosters consistent application of standards. Training is provided in each of the disciplines involved in implementation of SMCRA, which include aquatic biology, geology, engineering, hydrology, blasting, agronomy, and botany.

Courses Available

  • Table 1. List of Courses Offered by NTTP (click arrow to view)
    • Course Name (click name for course description)Length
      Acid-Forming Materials: Fundamentals and Applications4 days
      Acid-Forming Materials: Soils and Overburden4 days
      AML Design Workshop: Dangerous Highwalls4 days
      AML Design Workshop: Dangerous Openings4 days
      AML Design Workshop: Fires4 days
      AML Design Workshop: Landslides4 days
      AML Design Workshop: Subsidence4 days
      AML Drilling and Grouting4 days
      AML Reclamation Projects3 1/2 days
      Applied Engineering Principles4 days
      Blasting and Inspection3 days
      Advanced Blasting: Investigation and Analysis of Adverse Effects3 1/2 days
      Bonding Workshop: Cost Estimation3 days
      Coalield Communications: How to Get It Right!3 days
      Enforcement Procedures3 days
      Enforcement Tools and Applications2 days
      Erosion and Sediment Control3 days
      Evidence Preparation and Testimony3 days
      Excess Spoil Handling and Disposal in Steep-Slope Topography2 1/2 days
      Expert Witness3 days
      Forensic Hydrologic Investigation3 1/2 days
      Geology and Geochemistry of Acid-Forming Materials4 days
      Historical and Archaeological Resources3 days
      Instructor Training Course5 days
      Master Instructor Forum2 1/2 days
      Mine Gas Safety and Investigation Course2 days
      NEPA Procedures3 days
      Passive Treatment: Theory and Application Workshop3 1/2 days
      Permit Findings Workshop2 days
      Permitting Hydrology3 1/2 days
      Principles of Inspection3 1/2 days
      Quantitative Hydrogeology3 1/2 days
      Soils and Revegetation4 days
      Subsidence3 days
      Surface and Groundwater Hydrology3 1/2 days
      SMCRA: Permitting and the Endangered Species Act: Implementation of the 1996 Biological Opinion3 days
      SMCRA Principles and Field Procedures8 1/2 days
      Underground Mining Technology4 days
      Wetlands Awareness2 1/2 days

NTTP Training Schedule

The classes being offered are based on customer needs that have been surveyed from our OSMRE, State and Tribal offices. We do not offer all of our courses in a given year due to funding considerations, instructor availability and the lack of spaces requested in that particular class. Prior to selecting a class, we encourage you to look at the course description in the National Technical Training Catalog and the Career Series Guide to see if this class is right for your needs. Please note each class listed on our schedule has a coordinator assigned to them. These are the people to contact concerning that particular session.

FY 2015 Class Schedules

How Do We Develop Our Schedule and Assign Spaces?

Each spring, OSMRE conducts a Training Needs Survey for the upcoming fiscal year (October - September) to determine the training needs of the around 2,000 OSMRE, State and Tribal regulatory and reclamation staff. NTTP analyzes the survey results to determine if there is sufficient interest to justify offering a course and if so the number of sessions to hold. The number of requests for courses usually exceeds the number of available spaces by 55-60 percent, therefore NTTP assign spaces in the classes instead of allowing those who register first in DOI Learn to have a guaranteed space. This allows us to allocate at least one space to an office when they have a mission critical need for training in our classes. In the fall, the allocations are sent to your designated Training Contact. Please contact your Training Contact if you are interested in attending our classes.  If you do not know who your training contact is, please contact us at (202) 208-2769 and we will refer you to the appropriate person.

Enroll in a Class

SMCRA-related State and Tribal agencies: Each office has a designated training contact who works with OSMRE to enroll you in NTTP classes. If you do not know who that person is, please contact us at (202) 208-2769 and we will refer you to the appropriate person.

OSMRE offices: Employees must go to DOI Learn to register for our classes. You will need to also contact your designated training contact who will assist you in submitting the necessary paperwork to attend our classes.

Non-SMCRA agencies: Please look over the course offerings and the schedule and contact the coordinator assigned to that particular class. If there is extra space available in a class, you may be able to attend. OSMRE is not authorized to pay your travel costs associated with attending our classes.

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