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Division of Financial Management (DFM)

Georgene Thompson
Division Chief, Deputy Chief Finance Officer


To provide excellent financial management services, in an environment where all employees contribute, learn and grow, and are valued and respected.

Office of Surface Mining
Division of Financial Management
Post Office Box 25065
One Denver Federal Center, Building 41
Lakewood, CO 80225-0065
DFM Direct Telephone Number: (303) 236-2921

Why Work at DFM

At DFM, we promote professional development and mentoring to help propel employees to success. Breadth and depth of experience can be gained by cross-training and job rotations. Employees have opportunities to work collaboratively with other teams, branches, or bureaus outside of OSMRE and develop relationships at all levels of the organization. We respect and welcome employee feedback and recommendations. We encourage employees to step up to tasks that may not necessarily be in their job description, but are in line with their interests and bring value to the organization. We allow employees to maintain a work-life balance by offering flexible work arrangements.

What We Do

The Division of Financial Management (DFM) is responsible for the financial operations of the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE), which includes everything from the collection of fees from coal operators to the disbursement of grants for abandoned mine reclamation work and just about everything in between. DFM assists the organization and its mission responsibilities by providing financial support and guidance. DFM has been recognized for our financial management best practices.

DFM Organization

Deputy Chief Finance Officer/Division of Financial Management

The Deputy CFO is responsible for the overall direction and efficient utilization of the finance office operations and resources, and providing financial management advice to bureau program managers. DFM is organized into three branches that report to the Division Chief, Deputy Chief Finance Officer.

Financial Program Support Branch (FPSB)

Patricia Scanlon, Branch Chief

The Financial Program Support Branch (FPSB) supports OSMRE’s Title IV and V programs. This includes the following functions:

  • Managing the collection of coal reclamation fees from the mining industry.
  • Accounting for the State, Tribal and Federal shares of the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund. This enables OSMRE to achieve one of its mission objectives of reclaiming abandoned mine lands.
  • Grant disbursements: Funds that are appropriated by Congress to states and tribes through grants for reclamation programs and for Title V enforcement activities.
  • Investments: The $2.8 billion AML fund balance is invested in U.S. Treasury securities. The interest earned provides health benefits to miners through the United Mine Workers Association (UMWA) Health and Retirement Benefits Fund.
  • Collection of civil penalties issued for mining violations.

FPSB also maintains and reviews mining permit information, coal production reports and results of OSMRE audits of coal company records. We have sustained a collection rate of 99% or above for several years now. Over 98% of fees and coal production were reported electronically using OSMRE's E-filing website. And the majority of the fees were also paid electronically. OSMRE’s user friendly e-filing system makes it easier for coal mine operators to report quarterly coal production and pay the related reclamation fees.

Payments Branch (PAB)

Lauren Williams, Branch Chief

The Payment Branch supports OSMRE by managing payment activities, and overseeing the charge card and travel programs. This includes the following functions:

  • Working with the acquisition staff to ensure timely payments to vendors.
  • Researching and processing payments made through the IPAC system (Intra-government Payment & Collection System).
  • Registration, training, support, and monitoring of the Integrated Charge Card Program.
  • Registration, training, support, and monitoring of the Concur CGE travel program

Financial Operations Support Branch (FOSB)

Vacant, Branch Chief

The Financial Operations Support Branch primary responsibilities include: The management and daily operation of OSMRE financial systems, end user support of Department-wide systems and performing OSMRE financial accounting and reporting activities.

System Responsibilities

  • FOSB is responsible for the development, testing, implementation, operation, and on-going maintenance of OSMRE’s unique mission systems that include: Coal Fee Collection Management System (CFCMS), Single Source Coal Reporting (SSCR), and eBudget.
  • The Branch is also responsible for the operational bureau’s activities as it pertains to the Department-wide system Financial Business and Management System (FBMS), FBMS helpdesk tickets, user security, and training for OSMRE users.
  • FOSB also is responsible for OSMRE QuickTime system administrator functions as well as assisting and training OSMRE users.

General Accounting and Audit Branch (FOSB)

Vacant, Branch Chief

The General Accounting and Auditing Branch (GAAB) is responsible for various financial functions that primarily financial statement preparation and general ledger integrity. The branch leads initiatives that support general ledger policy and financial audit coordination. Additional functions include:

  • Cash Reporting and Government-wide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System (GTAS) Reporting to the Treasury Department
  • Managing of OSMRE's Internal Control Program for Financial Reporting and Coordinating Internal Control efforts for the Programs
  • Establishing Interagency Agreements/Sales Orders and Performing Elimination Reconciliation of Intra-governmental Activities
  • Miscellaneous functions such as Cost Accounting, Property, and Personnel/Payroll Assistance and Labor Re-allocations

Pathways Internship Program

The Pathways Internship Program is designed to provide students enrolled in a wide variety of educational institutions, from high school to graduate level, with opportunities to work in agencies and explore Federal careers while still in school and while getting paid for the work performed. Students who successfully complete the program may be eligible for conversion to a permanent job in the civil service. Additional information about the Internship Program and opportunities can be found at USAJOBS (

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