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Applied Science

The objective of the National Technology Transfer Team Applied Science Program is to develop and demonstrate improved technologies to address environmental issues related to the mining of coal and reclamation of the land after mining. During FY 2005, Congress approved OSMRE's request to initiate a program to select and fund applied science proposals that would result in improved protection of the public and environment by advancing improved technology development and transfer related to surface coal mining and reclamation. Such efforts are needed to better protect identified endangered species, improve reforestation and revegetation, protect prime farmland, improve technologies to mitigate acid mine drainage, improve methods for locating underground mines, and many other issues related to protecting the public and environment associated with surface coal mining.

Current Funding/Solicitation Status

OSMRE is not requesting applied science proposals at this time for projects that develop and demonstrate improved science and technologies related to the mining of coal and the reclamation of the land after mining. OSMRE has included a request for funding of Applied Science Projects in its FY 2017 budget. Funding will only become available if it is approved by Congress.

Funded projects will help address important OSMRE issues during implementation of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA). Applicants may request funding up to $200,000. The award will be by cooperative agreement (or as an Interagency Agreement if another Federal Agency is involved). Each cooperative agreement will be for a period of time consistent with the proposal but not to exceed two years from date of award.

Applied Science Cooperative Agreement Standard Operating Procedures For PTRs, Grants & Technology Transfer Staff

Standard Operating Procedures document.

Applied Science Projects

Approved and completed projects files are available and can be viewed from our listing of applied science projects. Documentation for completed projects, including Final Reports, Fact Sheets, and supporting Publications, are available in PDF format.

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