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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What classes should I take?

NTTP has developed two resources, the National Technical Training Catalog and the Career Series Guide, to assist you or your manager in selecting the right classes for you. These two guides should be used in concert to ensure you have the best training experience when attending our classes.

National Technical Training Catalog

This catalog is designed to assist you in the selection of all of the courses offered by the OSMRE Technical Training Program.

Career Series Guide

The Career Series Guide is a collection of OSMRE training courses specific to different job descriptions within SMCRA agencies and was designed to assist the employee and their manager in selecting training courses. The series will allow the selection of course requests based on an individual's strengths, challenges and existing background knowledge and training. It also serves as a guide for progression of career specific training considering the content of the specific courses. The Guide is to be used in concert with the above National Technical Training Catalog. The Guide was a collaborative effort between dedicated employees of OSMRE, State and Tribal offices.

How do I enroll into a class?

For SMCRA-related State and Tribal agencies: Each office has a designated training contact who works with OSMRE to enroll you in NTTP classes. If you do not know who that person is, please contact us at (202) 208-2769 and we will refer you to the appropriate person.

OSMRE offices: Employees must go to DOI Learn to register for our classes. You will need to also contact your designated training contact who will assist you in submitting the necessary paperwork to attend our classes.

For non-SMCRA agencies: Please look over the course offerings and the schedule and contact the coordinator assigned to that particular class. If there is extra space available in a class, you may be able to attend. OSMRE is not authorized to pay your travel costs associated with attending our classes.

When will I receive notification of class acceptance?

Approximately 30 days prior to the start of the class, you will receive notification from the assigned coordinator. If we are paying for your attendance, you will also receive a participant package, which provides you with your travel authorizations, logistical information, and any other pertinent information you may need to know. Please read over this information carefully.

Who do I contact if I have questions on a class I'm scheduled to attend?

A coordinator has been assigned to each class. Please contact the assigned class coordinator directly for assistance. For a coordinator's contact information, please review the FY 2017 training schedule.

What mode of transportation should I use?

Your training contact submitted a nomination form to NTTP regarding your requested mode of transportation. We use this information in preparing your travel authorization. You must use the mode of transportation submitted by your training contact. We will not reimburse your expenses if another form of transportation is used.

  • AIR: You must book your ticket through OSM's travel agent, Duluth Travel, or with the assigned coordinator. Detailed guidance on booking your ticket will be provided in your participant package
  • POV: You must have prior approval from NTTP to use your POV. If you do not have access to a GOV, you will be reimbursed 56 cents per mile. If you are assigned or have access to a GOV, you will be reimbursed 23.5 cents per mile if you receive approval to use your POV.
  • GOV: You will not be reimbursed mileage except if you must use your POV to pick-up the GOV.

Will I be reimbursed for parking for class attendance?

Yes, parking is an allowable travel expense that is reimbursable up to a limit. Detailed guidance will be provided in your participant package relative to maximum daily reimbursable parking rate, preferred parking location, and parking type: (self or valet). We will not reimburse transportation tips associated with parking.

Will I be reimbursed for internet usage?


Will I be reimbursed for my baggage check?

Yes, typically you will only be reimbursed for your 1st baggage fee for your departure and return flight. If you are on travel for longer than a week or are carrying government supplies to the class, you may check an additional bag.

Do I need to make my own hotel reservations?

No, we have already secured a room for you at the hotel listed in your participant package.

What do I do if there is inclement weather in the city I live in or where the class is being conducted?

Our number one priority is your safety. If there is inclement weather in your city, please use your best judgment when travelling to our classes. If you are unable to attend, please follow the directions in the "What if I have an emergency prior to the class start date and can no longer attend?" section found below. If there is inclement weather in the class location, NTTP will either send you an e-mail or call you if we need to make any changes to our class, e.g.cancellation of the class or delayed arrival time.

What if I have an emergency prior to the class start date and can no longer attend?

Please let your training contact and assigned coordinator know as soon as possible. The assigned coordinator will let you know if you need to contact Duluth travel (1-855-847-6398; select option 2) to cancel your reservations (if you are travelling by air).

What if I have an emergency during the class?

Please notify the front desk of your departure date and let one of our instructors know. If you are a flyer, please contact Duluth Travel to change your reservations. Also, let your training contact and assigned coordinator know as time permits.

How will I receive credit for my classroom attendance?

At the end of the class, you will receive a certificate of completion and also your transcripts in Department of the Interior's Learning Management System will be updated. You must attend all class hours to receive credit.

How will I be paid for expenses incurred during travel?

At the end of the class, the instructor or on-site coordinator will go over preparing the paperwork needed to process your voucher. Please be prepared to fill out as much information as possible on the travel voucher or SF-1164 (for local travel requesting parking reimbursement) and sign the form. You will need to annotate on the form that you will fax (202/219-3111) and send in your original receipts (1951 Constitution Ave., NW, SIB-210, Washington, DC 20240) to the assigned coordinator. The instructor will send this information back to NTTP for processing. After receiving the signed voucher (or SF-1164) and all the receipts, if any have been annotated, the assigned NTTP coordinator will process your voucher and submit for payment. If you have not received payment within 30 days after class completion, please contact the assigned coordinator for assistance.

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