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Continuing Education

Training Contact Hours

Continuing education includes experiences that assist in professional development of an individual in their career field. To recognize continuing education, time consideration is given for scheduled instruction presented to students.

Contact Hours are defined as the time a student receives active-scheduled instruction during learning activities. Examples of learning activities include workshops, seminars, special sessions, and self-guided study courses.

  • Contact Hour Calculations

    • Contact hours of continuing education are calculated as follows:

      • 1 contact hour (CH) = 60 minutes of instruction = 0.1 CEU
      • 10 contact hours = One continuing education unit (CEU)

      See the Training Contact Hours PDF for information on training contact hours for NTTP's FY 2021 course offerings.

      For FY 2021, NTTP will include training contact hours on course completion certificate. If you need a copy of your certificate, please email Karen Smalls at

  • Courses and Number of Contact Hours Earned

    • Below is a list of training contact hours for FY 2021 course offerings.

      Course Name Training Contact Hours
      Acid-Forming Materials: Fundamentals and Applications (ACF) 24
      AML Design Workshop: Dangerous Highwalls (AMLDH) 24
      AML Design Workshop: Dangerous Openings (AMLDO) 26.25
      AML Design Workshop: Fires (AMLF) 26.75
      AML Design Workshop: Landslides (AMLL) 24.75
      AML Drilling and Grouting (AMLDG) 21
      AML Realty (AMLR) 21
      AML Reclamation Projects (AREC) 22
      Advanced Blasting: Investigations and Analysis (BLIA) 24
      Applied Engineering Principles (AENG) 20
      Blasting and Inspection (BLI) 24
      Bonding: Administrative and Legal Aspects (BNA) 21
      Bonding: Cost Estimation (BNC) 19
      Coalfield Communications (CCOM) 23
      Effective Writing (EFW) 16
      Enforcement Procedures (ENF) 20.75
      Erosion and Sediment Control (ERS) 21
      Evidence Preparation and Testimony (EVI) 22
      Excess Spoil Handling and Disposal (ESHD) 18.5
      Forensic Hydrologic Investigation (FHI) 24
      Pilot: Fundamental Biological Monitoring Concepts for Mining and Reclamation (FBMC) 17.5
      Geology and Geochemistry of Acid-Forming Materials (GGCA) 21
      Historical and Archaeological Resources (HAR) 17
      Instructor Training Course (ITC) 34
      Introduction to SMCRA Inspections (SMCRA) 28
      Mine Gas Safety and Investigation Course (MGSI) 16.75
      NEPA Procedures (NEPA) 14
      Passive Treatment (PAS) 24
      Permitting Hydrology 21
      Soils and Revegetation (SOI) 23
      Subsidence (SUB) 24
      Surface and Groundwater Hydrology (SGW) 24
      Wetlands Awareness (WET) 16
  • Previous Contact Hours

If you need additional information, please contact the assigned course manager. To find the assigned course manager, please review our training schedule.

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