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Mining/Explosives Engineer
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OSMRE Blaster Certificates

OSMRE issues blaster certificates for blasting on Federal surface coal mine permits. The certification program includes experience, training, and testing components similar to many of the states. But where a state program may focus on the specific blasting applications within its boundary, the OSMRE program requires very diverse experience that covers all potential blasting applications and products across the nation. Therefore, the Federal certificate is a good surface mining credential for blasters anywhere in the United States.

OSMRE Blaster Certificate Card

OSMRE Blaster Certificate Card

The certification of blasters is an important regulatory function. Highly-trained and skilled blasters are crucial to ensure safe, efficient and compliant blasts in coal mining operations. Properly trained blasters can design and conduct blasts that use the best technology currently available, while meeting the regulatory performance standards of SMCRA. Highly-competent and successful blasters also maintain a responsible relationship with surrounding residents, thereby reducing the number of complaints. The states and OSMRE are responsible for certifying blaster competence based upon the right mix of experience, training and testing. An OSMRE blaster certificate authorizes the blaster to conduct blasting operations in any Federal Program State or on Indian lands under Federal jurisdiction. Furthermore a blaster may seek certificates from other Regulatory Authorities (states) through reciprocal certification arrangements.

Contacts for OSMRE Blaster Certificates
Location Contact
Appalachian Region Ken Eltschlager, (412) 937-2169
OSMRE Blaster Certificate Coordinator
Mid-Continent Region Chris Kiser, (618) 463-6463 ext. 5120
Western Region Jeremy Spangler , (303) 236-4693
Knoxville Field Office Mark Wampler, (865) 545-4103 x134
Albuquerque Area Office Alfreda Cornfield, (505) 761-8988
Casper Field Office Gene Robinson, (307) 261-6540

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