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Authorizations to Proceed

Tribal and state partners request and receive approval before beginning construction on a reclamation project with the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE).

The process in which project(s) are requested and approved is called the Authorization to Proceed (ATP).

Once an ATP is issued, partners have approval to proceed with construction on a specific reclamation project.

Fiscal Year 2023 & 2024 ATP Status

As of September 30th in Fiscal Year 2023, a total of 370 ATPs have been approved across all AML Reclamation programs. As of June 30th in Fiscal Year 2024, a total of 312 ATPs have been approved across all AML Reclamation programs. 

ATPs are issued by OSMRE for three programs, including Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (BIL) AML, AML Fee-Based, and AMLER.