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Applicant/Violator System (AVS)

The Applicant Violator System (AVS) is an automated information system owned and operated by OSMRE. Information on applicants, permittees, operators, application and permit records, as well as unabated or uncorrected environmental violations of SMCRA are maintained in this nationwide database for OSMRE’s Federal and State programs.  

                                                                 Access the AVS

The primary purpose of AVS is to assist OSMRE and States in making a permit eligibility determination required under section 510(c) of SMCRA for applicants of surface coal mining permits. Section 510(c) of SMCRA prohibits issuance of a new permit to any applicant who owns or controls mining operations having unabated or uncorrected violations anywhere in the United States until those violations are abated or corrected or are in the process of being abated or corrected to the satisfaction of the agency with jurisdiction over the violation. The data contained in AVS also assists OSMRE and States in determining the eligibility of bidders on Abandoned Mine Land program contracts under Title IV of SMCRA.

30 CFR Section 874.16 - Contractor Eligibility: To receive AML funds, every successful bidder for an AML contract must be eligible under 30 CFR §§ 773.12, 773.13 and 773.14 of this chapter at the time of contract award to receive a permit or provisionally issued permit to conduct surface coal mining operations.


A copy of your business' organizational structure may be obtained by one of the methods:

  1. Contact the AVS Office at (800) 643-9748 and request a printout of this information; or
  2. Log into the AVS as a Guest. Once you access the AVS, relationship information can be obtained through the Entity Module.

OFT Video Tutorial

View how to generate an Organizational Family Tree (OFT) in the video below.


System Advisory Memoranda (SAMs) are the formal communication vehicle OSM uses to disseminate policy guidance and other relevant information that affects the operation of the AVS computer system. SAMs discuss how AVS assists in implementing specific aspects of the Federal regulatory program, system changes required as a result of changes in OSM policies and rules, and the maintenance requirements which assure effective and efficient system operation. When applicable, SAMs will cite the Federal regulation(s) that apply to the guidance discussed and/or direct the reader to the relevant technical descriptions of AVS operation procedures in the AVS Users Guide.

From time to time, we may issue new memoranda to discuss new operational guidance for AVS users. We may also revise or withdraw existing memoranda to clarify or correct previous guidance or to implement a determination that previously-issued guidance is no longer relevant to AVS operation.

If you have a suggestion for a new SAM or a comment on an existing SAM, please contact AVS Help at or 1-800-643-9748.

SAMs, listed by title and issuance: 

  1. System Advisory Memoranda (10/3/2016)
  2. Permit Eligibility Evaluations (10/3/2016)
  3. AML Contractor Eligibility (02/01/2013)
  4. Transfer, Assignment, or Sale of Permit Rights (01/28/2013)
  5. State Violation Information: Entry and Maintenance (10/3/2016)
  6. Permit Renewals, Revisions and Transfers (10/3/2016)
  7. Organizational Family Tree Maintenance: Interstate and Intrastate Companies (10/3/2016)
  8. Jurisdiction for Deciding Challenges to Ownership or Control Listings and Findings (02/04/2013)
  9. Permit-Specific Relationship Information: Operators, Contractors, and Controllers (10/3/2016)
  10. Duplicate Entities (10/3/2016)
  11. Applicant, Permittee, and Operator Information (10/3/2016)
  12. Abandoned Mine Land Program Violations (10/3/2016)
  13. Beginning and Ending Dates (10/3/2016)

Contact information for state and federal AVS users can be found on the AVS Office User Assistance Liaisons List.

For More Information

Questions regarding the AVS should be sent to:
AVS Help at or 1-800-643-9748