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Scientific Integrity

Integrity of Scientific and Scholarly Activities

"The Department must lead Federal efforts to ensure robust scientific integrity policies because science is the very foundation of our mission." Former DOI Secretary, Sally Jewell (December 17, 2014)

Word 'Integrity'


Scientific and scholarly information considered in OSMRE decision making must be robust, of the highest quality, and the result of rigorous scientific and scholarly processes.

Most importantly, it must be trustworthy.

This policy applies to all OSMRE employees, including political appointees, as well as, contractors, cooperators, partners, permittees, leases, grantees, and volunteers when they engage in, supervise, manage, or influence scientific and scholarly activities. This also includes how employees communicate information about OSMRE and DOI's scientific and scholarly activities, policy-making, management, or regulatory decisions.

Definition of Scientific and Scholarly Misconduct

  • Fabrication, falsification or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing scientific and scholarly activities, or in the products, reporting or application of results
  • Intentionally circumventing policy that ensures integrity of science and scholarship
  • Actions that compromise scientific and scholarly integrity—does not include honest error or differences of opinion

For More Information

Please contact Cecil Slaughter, OSMRE Scientific Integrity Officer, at

For additional information on this policy, please visit DOI Scientific Integrity website.