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This page contains the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) active policy directives. Directives are organized by subject area. 

Policy is official guidance issued by an organization with the intent to provide high-level procedures and protocols to achieve organizational goals and priorities.    

In the Federal government, policy follows a hierarchy. If an agency's policy conflicts with that of another level in the Federal government, this is how the conflict generally resolves:

  • Federal law and regulations supersede all other corresponding federal policies. 

  • The policies issued governmentwide from the Executive Branch supersede all other corresponding Departmental policies. 

  • The policies of the Department of Interior supersede all other corresponding OSMRE policies. 

  • OSMRE policies supersede other non-policy establishing practices, documents, and manuals.  

Stacked venn diagram showing Federal Legislation as the largest circle, Federal Regulations, Policies, Directives, as the second largest circle, DOI Policies as the second smallest circle and OSMRE Directives as the smallest circle

OSMRE does not intend to issue policy directives to restate Departmental or Federal policies. In the absence of specific OSMRE directives for a specific subject, OSMRE defaults to the Departmental and/or Federal policy or policies for that subject. Contact the OSMRE program area most closely related to the subject for more information on all policies governing that subject. 


Directives are written communications provided in the form of instructions, manuals, notices, guides, policies, and certain high-level procedures. Directives assist OSMRE employees in effectively performing their jobs. Additionally, some directives are designed for use by external stakeholders.

Before 2023 some revisions to directives were enacted through Change Notices. In these cases the directive will have a subject code format with an additional dash and number (e.g. ADS-16-2). In cases where there are Change Notices associated with directives it is recommended to read the base directive first and then subsequent Change Notices.

OSMRE reviews all policy directives on a regular and recurring basis to assess continued alignment with applicable statutes, regulations, related policies, or other formal requirements, based on assigned and delegated authorities. These ongoing reviews inform OSMRE’s decision to update or rescind directives, as appropriate, to ensure continued relevance and applicability.

OSMRE employees interested in learning how to prepare, modify, or remove a directive, should consult Directive OPM-1.

OPM-1 Appendix F Action Summary was created as a desk reference for different actions in the Directives and SOP processes.

Contact the Directives Coordinator for additional resources.

When a directive is rescinded it is archived for historical purposes and is available to employees on the OSMRE Intranet. The rescission notice explaining the Bureau's decision to rescind the directive is posted on this website for at least one year. 

External stakeholders may request information on archived directives by contacting or by phone at (202) 208-2565. The TTY telephone text number is (202) 208-2694.

For questions about the content of a specific directive please contact the OSMRE program area listed for that directive.

For questions or suggestions regarding OSMRE's Directives Program, please contact the OSMRE Directives Coordinator, Lilli Pickens-Mitchell, at


Use the buttons below to jump to the directive subject code section:


Administrative Services (ADS)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
ADS-2Safety and Occupational Health Program6/4/2009Office of Administration
ADS-6Printing, Publications and Reprographic Management5/11/2000Office of Administration
ADS-7Motor Vehicle Management Program5/22/2009Office of Administration
ADS-13Management of Leased Space8/10/2000Office of Administration
ADS-14Aircraft Safety8/8/2000Office of Administration
ADS-16Uniform Standards and Allowances8/3/1992Office of Administration
ADS-16-1Change Notice - Deletion2/25/1993Office of Administration
ADS-16-2Change Notice - Revisions10/31/1996Office of Administration
ADS-16-3Change Notice9/30/2008Office of Administration
ADS-17Loan of Government-Owned Personal Property8/8/1988Office of Administration
ADS-17-1Change Notice - Clarification10/24/1991Office of Administration
ADS-17-2Change Notice - Amendment8/12/1992Office of Administration
ADS-18Personal Property Management Program5/29/2014Office of Administration
ADS-19Environmental Management Systems8/31/2006Office of Administration
ADS-19-1Change Notice - Environmental Management Systems2/27/2009Office of Administration

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Abandoned Mine Lands (AML)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact

Abandoned Mine Land Inventory Manual NEW

Appx. A - Abandoned Mine Land Inventory Manual

10/10/2023Program Support Directorate 
AML-4Procedures for Federal Reclamation Program Emergency and High Priority Projects5/8/2000Program Support Directorate 
AML-22Evaluation of State/Tribe Abandoned Mine Land Programs3/28/2013Program Support Directorate 

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Budget and Funds Management (BFM)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
BFM-1Administrative Control of Funds12/18/2008Office of Planning, Analysis and Budget

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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
EEO-1EEO Complaints Settlement Authority12/6/2012Office for Equal Opportunity

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Financial Management (FIN)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact

Conference Officer Operations Manual

See FIN-1-1 for updated manual 

9/4/1987Finance and Acquisition Directorate 
FIN-1-1Change Notice - Civil Penalty Conference Officers Manual12/9/2008Finance and Acquisition Directorate 
FIN-7Non-Federal Reimbursements to OSMRE10/15/1991Finance and Acquisition Directorate 
FIN-7-1Change Notice - Revisions11/21/1991Finance and Acquisition Directorate 

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Grants Management Program (GMT) 

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
GMT-1Allocation and Suballotment of Small Operator Assistance Program Funds06/08/90Program Support Directorate
GMT-1-1Change Notice - Revisions11/05/92Program Support Directorate
GMT-6Eligibility of Operators and Authorized Services in the SOAP06/07/89Program Support Directorate
GMT-6-1Change Notice - Organizational Titles and Statutory Regulatory changes06/24/94Program Support Directorate

Federal Assistance Manual

See GMT-10-1 for updated manual

8/15/19Program Support Directorate
GMT-10-1Change Notice - Federal Assistance Manual ; Federal Assistance Manual Annexes08/04/21Program Support Directorate
GMT-11SOAP Annual Liability Reviews08/04/88Program Support Directorate
GMT-11-1Change Notice - Revisions03/12/93Program Support Directorate

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Inspection and Enforcement (INE)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
INE-3Furnishing Operator/Permittees with Copies of Inspection Reports and Ten-Day Notices3/3/1987Program Support Directorate
INE-4Notice of Potential Liability for an Individual Civil Penalty3/1/1990Program Support Directorate
INE-4-1Change Notice - Revisions2/5/1993Program Support Directorate
INE-5Mining Without a Permit and/or Mining Off a Valid Permit9/17/2008Program Support Directorate
INE-6Informal Public Hearing Under 30 CFR 843.153/24/1983Program Support Directorate
INE-8Services of Notices of Violation and Cessation Orders5/19/1983Program Support Directorate
INE-13Revision of Inspection and Enforcement Policy4/11/1983Program Support Directorate
INE-18Authorized Representatives10/13/2020Program Support Directorate
INE-19Vacation of Notices of Cessation Orders1/7/1987Program Support Directorate
INE-23Completion and Processing of Mine Site Inspection Federal Program and Mine Site Evaluation State Program Report Forms12/28/1998Program Support Directorate
INE-26Approximate Original Contour6/26/2020Program Support Directorate
INE-29Inspectable Units Inventory7/7/1992Program Support Directorate
INE-30Alternative Enforcement Referrals for Criminal Penalties and Civil Action for Injunctive Relief3/1/1990Program Support Directorate
INE-35Ten-Day Notices5/3/2019Program Support Directorate
INE-40Individual Civil Penalty Assessment3/1/1990Appalachian Region
INE-41Civil Penalty Assessment for Unabated Imminent Harm Cessation Orders7/18/1989Program Support Directorate
INE-43Inspection of Durable Rock Fills Under Construction11/12/2008Appalachian Region
INE-44Contemporaneous Evaluation of Reclamation Activities11/21/2008Program Support Directorate

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Information Services and Program Promotion (INF)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact

OSMRE Records Management 

Appx. A - Records Management Manual

10/8/2008Information Resources Office
INF-2Administrative Records System9/28/1989Program Support Directorate
INF-3Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)9/20/1993Information Resources Office
INF-5Subpoenas to Compel the Attendance of Witnesses, the Production of Written or Printed Materials, or Both10/19/1993Appalachian Region
INF-11Information Resources Management Policy and Procedures Manual3/12/1991Information Resources Office
INF-13Information Resources Management Review Council1/19/1993Information Resources Office

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Information Technology (IT)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
IT-1Information Systems Security Program3/20/2000Information Resources Office
IT-2Hardware and Software Management12/9/2008Information Resources Office
IT-3OSMRE Digital Media PolicyDigital Media Guidance8/13/2019Office of Communications

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Organizational Planning and Management (OPM)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
OPM-1Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Directives and Standard Operating Procedures System NEW
Appx. A - Subject Code Identification
Appx. B - Directive Template
Appx. C - Change Notice Template
Appx. D - SOP Template
Appx. E - Appendix Revision Log
Appx. F - Action Summary 
7/26/2023Office of Administration
OPM-5Delegations of Authority12/6/2012Office of Administration

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Personnel (PER)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
PER-6Alternative Work Schedule7/10/1990Office of Human Resources 
PER-16Merit Promotion Policy and Implementation8/31/2000Office of Human Resources 
PER-24Employee-Initiated Remote Work Policy
Appx. A - Definitions
Appx. B - Remote Work Agreement
Appx. C - Telework and Employee-Initiated Remote Work Comparison Chart
Appx. D - General Requirements
Appx. E - Position and Employee Eligibility Criteria
Remote Work Request Evaluation Form
5/24/2022Office of Human Resources 

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Procurement and Contracting (PRC)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
PRC-6Uniform Contract Review System (Except Federal Emergency Reclamation Projects)8/2/1993Finance and Acquisition Directorate
PRC-7Interagency Acquisitions (Agreements)8/30/1988Finance and Acquisition Directorate
PRC-7-1Change Notice - Clarification7/6/1989Finance and Acquisition Directorate
PRC-10Anti-Lobbying Statute - Restrictions on Lobbying and Semi-Annual Reporting Requirements10/24/1991Finance and Acquisition Directorate

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Regulatory Program Development (REG)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
REG-1Handbook on Procedures for Implementing the NEPA ; National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Handbook7/31/2019Program Support Directorate
REG-2522(b) Federal Lands Review12/7/1990Program Support Directorate
REG-7Experimental Practices4/24/1992Program Support Directorate
REG-8Oversight of State and Tribal Regulatory Programs5/30/2019Program Support Directorate
REG-10Bond Forfeiture5/26/1987Program Support Directorate
REG-10-1Change Notice - Revisions12/20/1993Program Support Directorate
REG-14Interpretation of Initial Program and Indian Lands Regulations Concerning Rills and Gullies7/9/1987Program Support Directorate
REG-15Policy and Procedures for Maintaining Confidentiality of Permit Application Information11/21/1991Program Support Directorate
REG-18Tribal Consultation and Protection of Tribal Trust Resources6/26/2013Program Support Directorate
REG-19Incidental Boundary Revisions10/19/1987Program Support Directorate
REG-22Developing and Processing State - Federal Cooperative Agreements for State Regulation on Federal Lands5/4/1999Program Support Directorate
REG-23Corrective Actions for Regulatory Program Problems and Action Plans1/31/2011Program Support Directorate
REG-28Bond Forms and Procedures3/10/1989Program Support Directorate
REG-31Preparation of Mining Plan Decision Documents6/4/1999Program Support Directorate
REG-33Federal Blaster Certification Program and Blasting Enforcement12/9/2008Appalachian Region
REG-35Permit Fees in Federal Program States and On Indian Lands8/27/1990Program Support Directorate
REG-35-1Change Notice - Revisions10/26/1993Program Support Directorate

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State and Tribal Programs (STP)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
STP-1Processing of Proposed State/Tribal Regulatory Programs and Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Plans; Amendments; and Part 732 and Part 884 Notifications3/20/2019Program Support Directorate

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Technical Guidance and Research (TGR)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
TGR-1OSMRE Blasting Guidance1/28/1987Appalachian Region

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Technical Services and Research (TSR)

Subject NumberDirectiveEffective DateContact
TSR-1Calculation of Reclamation Bond Amounts
Appx. A - Handbook for Calculation of Reclamation Bond Amounts
5/5/2021Program Support Directorate
TSR-2Quarterly Examination of Water Impoundments9/14/1987Program Support Directorate
TSR-3Sediment Control Using Best Technology Currently Available11/2/1987Program Support Directorate
TSR-4Technical Studies9/25/2008Mid-Continent Region
TSR-5Alternative Postmining Land Use Requirements for Real Property11/10/1987Program Support Directorate
TSR-6Drainage Control on Valley and Durable Rock Fills11/10/1987Program Support Directorate
TSR-7Protecting Historic Properties12/18/1987Program Support Directorate
TSR-8Transportation and Handling of Abandoned Coal Mine Refuse Piles3/31/1988Program Support Directorate
TSR-9Construction Certification of Siltation Structures4/27/1988Program Support Directorate
TSR-10Use of Wetland Treatment Systems for Coal Mine Drainage10/27/1997Program Support Directorate
TSR-12Post-Act Reclamation Program6/13/2017Program Support Directorate
TSR-14Construction of Wetlands as a Postmining Land Use1/31/1995Program Support Directorate
TSR-15Dam Safety Program8/14/1996Program Support Directorate
TSR-16Reforestation of Title IV and Title V mined lands6/10/2008Program Support Directorate

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