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National Technical Training Program

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Since 1985, the National Technical Training Program (NTTP) has provided ongoing education to increase the technical competence and professionalism of Federal, State, and Tribal personnel. Training serves to build the technical expertise of stakeholders and fosters consistent application of SMCRA standards.

Training is provided in each of the disciplines involved in implementation of SMCRA, which include aquatic biology, geology, engineering, hydrology, blasting, agronomy, and botany. NTTP delivers training related to permit approval, bond release, reclamation, and enforcement.

Introduction to the OSMRE Training Career Series Guide

The Career Series Guide is designed to provide a training roadmap for Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 (SMCRA) related employees. It provides insights into the different career paths under the SMCRA umbrella, as well as the recommended professional development opportunities offered by OSMRE, for each career series. This tool is ideal for supervisors creating a training plan for their employees, or for employees who want to expand their understanding of OSMRE’s training opportunities.

Please review the Career Series Guide here.

The Course Descriptions catalog describes all courses offered by the National Technical Training Program (NTTP). The course descriptions provide a roadmap through the course content. Each course description covers information relative to the following:

Please refer to the Course Descriptions catalog to learn more about NTTP’s course offerings.


The classes offered are based on customer needs surveyed from our OSMRE, State and Tribal offices. We do not offer all of our courses in a given year due to funding considerations, instructor availability, and the lack of spaces requested in that particular class.

To learn more about the availability of our in-person and online courses, download the Training Schedule.

NTTP works closely with our designated State, Tribal, and OSMRE Training Contacts to enroll their employees in training courses. 

The Training Contacts can assist with your training needs. They will ensure all required enrollment documents are submitted by the nomination due date. You can download the list of NTTP Training Contacts here.

If you are interested in participating in NTTP courses, please contact your designated Training Contact. If a Training Contact for your State, Tribal, or Government Agency is not listed, please contact Karen Smalls at (202) 208 – 0871 or via email at

Continuing education includes experiences that assist in professional development of an individual in their career field. To recognize continuing education, time consideration is given for scheduled instruction presented to students.

Contact Hours are defined as the time a student receives active-scheduled instruction during learning activities. Examples of learning activities include workshops, seminars, special sessions, and self-guided study courses. You can download a list of Contact Hours for our courses here

Contact Hour Calculations: NTTP will include training contact hours on course completion certificate. If you need a copy of your certificate, please email Karen Smalls at

Previous Contact Hours: If you need additional information, please contact the assigned course manager. To find the assigned course manager, please review the training schedule. 

OSMRE’s Training Programs schedule a variety of course dates and locations throughout the year, however we understand that sometimes our customers have additional or special training needs beyond the scheduled offerings. If you would like to request a special training session, please submit a request at


"It is important to periodically refresh our skills and keep current with construction technologies. This OSMRE course provides a valuable opportunity for staff to compare best management practices with other AML programs and hone skills that have dulled. Erosion and Sediment Control-81" --an OSMRE Supervisor

"Excellent information. I plan on using the soil survey when I get home for personal inquiry. Soils and Revegetation-81" --an OSMRE Employee

"Currently, the staff is monitoring a subsidence feature and in the future will be completing site assessment and draft Design. AML Design Workshop: Subsidence-81" --an OSMRE Supervisor

"Excellent! Environmental Manager was very knowledgeable about the overall operation of the mine site activities. The mine site was excellent. The tour was great; seeing the full mining operation, water paths/treatment, and pit setting within the city limits. Geology and Geochemistry of Acid-Forming Materials-81" --an OSMRE Employee

"Great opportunity, in a very positive learning environment that demonstrated many options within the process provided. It helped in wrapping my head around application of that process to various areas of knowledge. Instructor Training Course- 20-minute Team Presentations-81" --an OSMRE Employee

Registering for NTTP course requires the following steps:

  1. Please contact your designated training contact to complete the next two steps. Find your State, Tribal, or OSMRE Training Contact. 
  2. Submit a completed nomination form to the assigned coordinator by the nomination due date. (Download the current Nomination Form)
  3. You must have an active travel profile account.
  4. You must have an active account in DOI Talent. All instructor-led classes offered by NTTP can be found in the Department of the Interior’s new talent management system (DOI Talent). DOI Talent is DOI’s source for scheduled courses, training records, and online course delivery. For information about DOI's new talent management system, please visit the DOI Talent home page.
  5. To confirm your account status, please contact your designated Training Contact or the assigned coordinator. If you do not have a travel profile account and/or an account in DOI Talent, your designated Training or the assigned coordinator will provide the necessary forms to create an account.

  1. The assigned coordinator will send email notification confirming course enrollment to all enrollees 45 days before course start date.
  2. To be successfully enrolled into a NTTP courses, you must do the following:
    1. Submit a completed nomination form.

    2. Confirm you have an active travel profile account.

    3. Confirm you have an active account in DOI Talent.

    4. To confirm your account status, please contact the NTTP training contact or the assigned coordinator. If you do not have a travel profile account and/or an account in DOI Talent, your designated Training or the assigned coordinator will provide the necessary forms to create an account.

OSMRE pays for travel-related expenses incurred while attending our classes for NTTP-approved students from SMCRA related agencies. In order for NTTP to pay your costs, your Training Contact must submit the OSMRE Nomination Form 105. The nomination form shows that you have been approved by your supervisor to attend our class. It also assists us in preparing the costs associated with your attendance to our class.

Travel Notification

  1. The assigned coordinator will contact enrollees, if necessary relative to travel arrangements.
  2. The assigned coordinator will provide all enrollees with travel and training information 30 days prior to course start date. The information will include the following:
    1. Participant List
    2. Course Agenda
    3. Course Description
    4. Equipment/Supplies that participants need to bring, if any.
    5. Allowable Expenses/Requirement Documents
  3. Please contact the assigned coordinator for the following:
    1. If you require course details sooner;
    2. If you need to make changes to your travel arrangements;
    3. If you need to drop or withdraw from the course;
    4. If you would like to check your enrollment status, and
    5. If you any questions or concerns.

Webex Access

NTTP is pleased to offer Webex. With Webex, you can schedule online meetings, trainings, webinars, and video conferencing events. Some great features of Webex include polling tools, breakouts, desktop and document sharing, and even recording options for downloading your content.

Webex integration makes it easy to add a link for your Webex meeting to your email message. Webex now has the ability for participants to connect quickly.

Webex Reservation

Interested in hosting your own event, please make your reservation today!

Just click this reservation link to reserve your meeting time and receive Webex access.

For NTTP Web Access Reservation, please hyperlink "this reservation link" with

Contact Information:

If you have any questions about NTTP Webex Access, please contact:

John Leehang, Training Program Specialist