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AMDTreat version 5.0.2 Plus Download

AMDTreat 5.0.2 Plus corrects minor convergence issues identified during case study tests performed by the developers. You must UNINSTALL previous versions of AMDTreat before installing the current release. Please save old AMD Treat files to an external hard drive and/or desktop before the software un-install and re-install.

Download AMDTreat

AMDTreat Version 5.0.2 Plus - Eastern U.S. Download Site
Format: (25 MB).
Last updated: January 2013

AMDTreat is currently being updated with an expected release coming soon.

File Formats
.bas Visual Basic source file, in text format
.exe Windows executable program file
.ps PostScript file
.ps.Z Compressed PostScript file, for UNIX
.tar UNIX archive file
.tar.Z Compressed UNIX archive file
.zip Windows archive file
.dbf Visual FoxPro 7 data table file
setup.exe Windows executable install program

How to Uninstall Previous Versions of AMDTreat

You must uninstall previous versions of AMDTreat in order to upgrade to a new version. To uninstall AMDTreat, on most versions of MS Windows*, go to "Control Panel."  Select "Add Remove Programs" then select AMDTreat from the list of installed programs and click on Uninstall or Remove.

* Windows 7 and Windows Vista:  To uninstall previous versions of AMDTreat, go to "Control Panel." Select "Programs and Features" then select AMDTreat from the list of installed programs and click on Uninstall.