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e-AMLIS Priority 3

(403(b) problem types are also listed below)

Priority 3 and 403(b) Problem Types & Work Units
Code Description English Metric
BE Bench Acre Hectare
DP Industrial/Residential Waste Acre Hectare
EF Equipment/Facility Count Count
GO Gob Acre Hectare
H Highwall Feet Meter
HR Haul Road Acre Hectare
MO Mine Opening Count Count
O Other Count Count
PI Pits Acre Hectare
SA Spoil Area Acre Hectare
SL Slurry Acre Hectare
SP Slump Acre Hectare
WA Water Problems Gallon Liter
WS Water Supplies Count Count
Code Description English Metric

Priority 3 (P3): Land and Waters Problem Types

BE Bench, Solid Bench, Fill Bench

A ledge that forms a single level operation along which mineral or waste materials are excavated. A solid bench is that portion of a bench formed on solid, unexcavated material. A fill bench is that portion of a bench usually consisting of unconsolidated spoil material extending outward from the solid bench.

DP Industrial or Residential Waste Dump

An AML area used to dispose of any kind of industrial or residential waste not related to mining or processing.

EF Equipment and Facilities

Any equipment or buildings used to mine, process, or transport coal or mineral ores.

GO Gob

The refuse or waste removed from a mine. This includes mine waste, rock, pyrites, slate, or other unmarketable materials which are separated during the cleaning process.

H Highwall

The face of exposed overburden or the face or bank on the uphill side of a contour strip mine excavation. The vertical wall consisting of the deposit being mined and the overlying rock and soil strata of the mining site.

HR Haul Road

A road built and used for transporting mined material by truck. The road can be from a mine head or pit to a loading dock, tipple ramp, or preparation plant.

MO Mine Opening

Any surface entrance or opening related to an underground mine.

PI Pit, Open Pit, Strip Pit

The last uncovered cut adjacent to the highwall. In surface mining the working area may be known as a strip pit. Mine workings or excavations open to the surface are also termed pits.

SA Spoil, Spoil Bank

The overburden material removed in gaining access to a coal seam or mineral deposit.

SL Slurry

Fine particle material from coal or mineral processing collected in a pond. Solid must be separated from the water in order to have clear effluent for reuse or discharge.

SP Slump

Surface expressions resulting from the caving in of underground mine voids. Slumps are differentiated from subsidence because they are normally in undeveloped areas. The area has infrequent public visitation, recreational use, farming, livestock use, etc. In all likelihood slumps will not cause loss of life, serious injury or economic loss.

WA Water Problems

Water leaving the AML PA and causing environmental impacts because of its pH, sediments load, or other pollutants, or because of its effect on other lands due to poor drainage conditions (i.e. agricultural flooding).

O Other

An AML area causing an environmental impact that does not fit one of the above definitions.

WS Water Supplies - Section 403(b)

Water supplies adversely affected by coal mining that are replaced through the repair, replacement, construction, or enhancement of facilities, including water distribution facilities and treatment plants.

Note: Individual or defined groups of water supplies that qualify as health and safety problems because of PWHC should be recorded as a Priority 1 or 2 as discussed above under the PWHC Problem Type.