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e-AMLIS Priority 4 and 5

The 1990 amendments to SMCRA eliminated the original Priority 4 pertaining to AML reclamation research and renumbered Priority 5 Priority 4 and Priority 6 Priority 5. The 2006 amendments to SMCRA eliminated Priorities 4 and 5 for future projects, however, the e-AMLIS will continue to maintain historical information on Priority 4 and 5 projects completed prior to the amendments.

Priority 4

The protection, repair, replacement, construction, or enhancement of public facilities such as utilities, roads, recreation, and conservation facilities adversely affected by coal mining practices.

Priority 5

The development of publicly owned land adversely affected by coal mining practices including land acquired as provided in SMCRA for recreation and historic purposes, conservation, and reclamation purposes and open space benefits.