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Geomorphic Reclamation

Field tour caravan for the 2009 Geomorphic Reclamation Forum in Bristol, VAThe field tour caravan makes its way across a reclamation site giving attendees a first-hand look at geomorphic reclamation for the 2009 Geomorphic Reclamation Forum in Bristol, VA.

Traditional approaches to mined land reclamation frequently disturb the stability of the existing natural landforms and add expensive and often times unnatural measures to try to fix the resulting problems. Hills and valleys are flattened out into uniform slopes or terraced to create stable land forms. Streams are often replaced by rock lined ditches or removed entirely.

Due to today’s modern advances in technology it is now possible to quickly and inexpensively design stable landforms and streams that mimic both the look and the functionality of nature. Using modern design tools and the geomorphic reclamation approach it’s possible to reclaim highly disturbed lands and create fully functional natural systems virtually indistinguishable from their surrounding landscapes. Steep rock lined ditches are replaced by meandering streams and uniform or terraced hillsides are replaced by slopes that look natural yet are specifically designed to efficiently convey water without excessive erosion or sediment loading.